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The Coconut Palm, native to the coasts of Africa and the Indian Ocean, is a tall, slender tree with a smooth, straight trunk. The trunk is topped by a crown of large, feather-like leaves and is one of the most popular ornamental palm trees.


All of our trees will arrive late May at which time we will begin our deliveries!
    • Pre-order by May 1st to ensure that your palm tree choice is available.
    • Deliveries begin the end of May.
    • Free delivery within 30-mile radius of Canton, Ohio.
    • Deliveries outside of our service area will require a minimal fuel surcharge.
    • Pre-orders receive priority delivery.
    • Decide on your season-ending option by October 7th: move them indoors for the winter, dispose of your trees yourself, or contact us to pick up your trees for a $50 service fee.

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