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Palm trees in front of a beautiful blue sky

Caring for Your Trees

Caring for Your Trees

Click on links below for specific tree instructions

Thank you for choosing Oasis Palms for your Trees! We know they will bring you enjoyment all summer long with some basic care.

Your palms are from Miami, Florida and are accustomed to the heat, humidity, and rain, making them easy to care for with the right amount of sun and water. Having said that and as you know, Ohio nights are a lot colder in May and early June than Florida so it's normal for your fronds(palms) to brown some the first few weeks, but don't worry, new growth will quickly emerge from the center of your palms!  

How much sun should I give my Trees?

The easy answer is as much sun as you can! They will also thrive in a mostly sunny situation.

(click on links above for specific tree instructions)


How much water do I give my Trees?
We recommend that you water them 3 to 4 times a week, giving each one approximately 3 gallons of water, pouring it directly into the pot. The best time to water is early morning or after the sun goes down. Avoid wetting the fronds (palms) as much as possible especially if watering mid-day as the water will magnify the suns rays and could damage the fronds. 

Do I need to fertilize my Trees?

There is no need to fertilize your trees as that is done prior to you receiving them, however, if you still want to add fertilizer to give your palm even more of a boost on occasion, we recommend Tezula Plants 20-20-20 fertilizer, or something similar. Tezula can be found on Amazon, or at

Do I need to worry about pests on my Trees?

Your trees should stay pest free, but if you notice anything unusual, please feel free to reach out with any questions.​


Steve & Susan 

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